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* All prices are quoted as prepaid rates and are subject to change. Please confirm all rates at time of order.
* Prices quoted at :
Jun 19, 2019
* All prices are quoted in US funds.
* Services are usually activated within 3-5 business days after receipt of payment.

Intermediate EquipLink Includes:

  1. Link your company in up to five (5) Equipment Types of EquipFinder Service, the sales lead referral service offered by  When someone is looking for the type of equipment that you are linked in, you will receive an email to notify you of what they are looking for and who they are so that you can contact them directly to sell them the equipment they are looking for.  (Additional links will be invoiced at the current rate of EquipLink.)
  2. A descriptive directory listing for your company/organization. The directory listing consists of :
    • Full contact information (i.e. address, telephone, fax, and email address).
    • A link to your company/organization's independent web site.
    • An email reply form which emails you replies instantly to your email address.
    • A visitor counter which tracks the number of visitors to your company/organization's directory listing.
  3. Access to online directory listings of associations, publications, trade and equipment related companies and organizations.
  4. Ability to reply to companies, organizations and Buy/Sell Trade Exchange listings within
  5. Ability to post up to 50 Exchange listings for items you wish to BUY SELL or TRADE
  6. Receive replies from ALL users of the website during the duration of your EquipLink service.

$ 50 / month : Intermediate EquipLink
(Prices quoted as at : Jun 19, 2019)

To Order Now,

Advanced EquipLink:
All of the features and benefits of Intermediate EquipLink plus the following:

  1. Ability to post up to 125 listings for items you wish to BUY SELL or TRADE
  2. One full color graphic advertisement located on Equipment type directory page of your choice (subject to availability).

$ 125 / month : Advanced EquipLink
(Prices quoted as at : Jun 19, 2019)

To Order Now,

Renewals & Savings

  • All services are provided on a prepaid basis. Activation of service occurs immediately upon receipt of payment in full
  • This service may be purchased on a monthly or annual basis with an easy on-line sign-up and renewal payment system via credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted).
  • Annual prepaid Members receive 12 months of service for the price of 10 months.
  • Renewals must be confirmed by you - Your credit card will not be billed unless you have specifically asked us to automatically renew your account or unless you submit a renewal order.

Standard Disclaimer

The Auto Wizard Exchange (AWX) is an electronic information service designed to promote trade by bringing buyers and sellers (suppliers) together using the Internet.

The Auto Wizard Exchange (AWX) assumes no liability for errors, omissions and/or misinterpretations pertaining to the Auto Wizard Exchange (AWX) listings.

The Auto Wizard Exchange (AWX) assumes no responsibility for any and all details, agreements, and terms between the buyer and seller. It is the responsibility of the two parties making any transactions from leads obtained through our network to do their own due diligence on the veracity and creditability of the other party by checking references, etc of each other.

The Auto Wizard Exchange (AWX) reserves the right to exclude any or all listing submissions.

Basic Business card information must be provided, submissions with incomplete or invalid information will be TRASHED.

Conduct for any user found to be less than honest or to not be operating in a forthright professional business manner will not be tolerated and these users will be excluded from the site.

ITEMS 10 Days
Intermediate EquipLink - $ 50.00 US $ 500.00 US Order
Advanced EquipLink - $ 125.00 US $ 1,250.00 US Order
Per Additional Link - $ 10.00 US $ 100.00 US
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